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The Power of Promise Questions:

What choices do you make when no one is watching?

How do you approach a decision that requires you to let either yourself or someone else down?

How do you stay committed to your values, even when the more rewarding path is less convenient?

The greatest joy and fulfillment are within your reach, but they require an enduring Promise to The One…someone you might not expect.  It’s not your boss, your spouse, your children, or others — no, the ultimate commitment is The Promise you make to yourself to discover your purpose and gifts and share them with the world.   Start your journey to living a life of Promise Making and Keeping…beginning with The Promise to The One.  

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The Promise Journal Guide

You've Seen the Promise...Now Download the Guide!

Hey there! Thanks for coming by to get The Promise Journal Guide! All you need to do is put your name and email in, and it's yours. 

If you haven't read The Promise to the One, grab it here

P.S. There just might be a little bonus for you, too. 


The Promise Audio + Video Book

Are You Ready for the Deep Dive?

Even if you have read The Promise to the One, I promise that listening + watching the book will transform you life. What? Did I say watching? Yes!

I created a video for every chapter of The Promise to the One, to create a more powerful engagement experience for you. Click below to learn more!

The ICM Digital Workshop

What is An Engagement Experience?

An Engagement Experience is a customized event for your organization where we dive into your your company culture to help you Clarify and Magnify the unique and often hidden talents of every team member in the organization.

So your organization can thrive in it's highest level of engagement.

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